Els’ Brutal Six Putt From Six Feet

Els' Nightmare

Ernie Els’ brutal six putt from six feet is going to go down in golf history as the worst case of the yips ever. The first miss was unfortunate, but the casual swipes he made for what he assumed was a tap-in became unwatchable.

After the tap in miss, I wonder why his caddy didn’t step in and help him get reset. Mark the ball. Pick it up. Walk around the hole a couple of times. Anything to get his brain in the proper gear.

I wish I could say I sympathize with him, but I’ve never even three putted from that distance. But then, I’ve not putted on the Stimp-16 Augusta National greens.

I really feel sorry for Els. He has long been one of my favorite players.


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2 thoughts on “Els’ Brutal Six Putt From Six Feet”

  1. Well, I think you still have to hand it to him. 5 over par on that hole, and only 3 over on the remaining 17. It was stunning, because a couple of those are nearly unmissable, and he wasn’t even lipping them, it was just a full miss.

    More painful to me was watching Days second place 5 under quickly fall away after 14.


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