Els Sets Sights on Number One

Ernie Els apparently has set for himself a three year goal of overtaking Tiger as the World’s Number One. I think he could do it … but he’s got to stop imitating Gary Player and jetting all over the world.

I wonder what’s up with this, though. Els is 37 … the last guy to seriously challenge Tiger—Vijay—is in his 40s. Where are the young guys?

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3 thoughts on “Els Sets Sights on Number One”

  1. Probably the most important things Tiger’s dad taught him, are the same things keeping the young guys from achieve his level on a consistent basis.


    1)  How to deal with adversity.

    2)  How to deal with fame.

  2. The only way one could mount a serious challenge to Tiger is to not only have the skill and intelligence, but to also have the cool.  Without a mastery of all three, no one can overtake Tiger at this point.  Tiger only loses by beating himself with emotion- and the only time this year that happened was when Earl Woods died.

    Perhaps a younger player might be able to have a similar cool head, but that younger player might need to have green blood. 

    That isn’t to say that Tiger will automatically win the FedEx cup in 2007- I have a sneaking suspicion it might not be him.  But even if he doesn’t get the cup, he is still the best player playing today.

  3. I think you’re both right. Tiger does seem to be mentally tougher. But then the question is why? Its not like these young guys don’t know how to win. Where are the Nationwide graduates? They had to face adversity to win there. Ditto some of the international players.

    Sigh. In the end, it’s a complete mystery to me, and, I think, a problem for golf. How long before—without any serious challengers ever appearing—can Tiger sustain his appeal?


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