Energy Athletic Golf Shirt Review


Energy Athletic Golf Shirt

Grade: A for the shirt / ? for the energy effect

Teacher’s Comments: As a shirt it is great, but there’s no way to tell whether the energy aspect works.

You have by now seen those “energy” bracelets, which purport to use negatively charged ions to infuse the wearer with power and energy that they otherwise would not possess. The Energy Athletic Shirt takes that idea and extends it to an entire shirt.

Energy Athletic golf shirts are treated with an IonX process that embeds negative ions into the structure of the fabric. This turns the entire shirt into an energy bracelet.

The manufacturer says that a study of twelve rugby players showed a “measurable increase in average power when wearing IonX during repetitive, short duration, high intensity exercise, very similar to movements used throughout the golf swing.”

I wore the shirt on two rounds during my recent trip to South Carolina. I figured in that sort of physically draining “Africa Hot” (anyone recognize that movie reference?) humid environment, I would need an energy infusion.

Wearing the Energy Athletic shirt, I managed to shoot two of my better rounds this year in spite of the heat and the challenges of two unfamiliar courses. At Glen Dornoch, I started with five straight pars, and finished with three in my final five.. At the Barefoot Landing Norman Course, I finished with four straight pars. For this mid handicapper, that’s relatively unfamiliar territory.

So I played well. But was it the IonX? There is of course no way to tell, because there is no “control.” I may very well have shot those scores wearing one of my regular golf shirts. Or it may be the effect of the latest golf gadgets I’ve been training with. Or the new Cobra Clubs I’ve been testing. Or …

All discussion of the energy ions aside, I can say with certainty that as a shirt, the Energy Athletic is wonderful. It’s soft, light, and cool. The fabric is designed to be moisture wicking. The shirt certainly did not become a sopping rag, as a cotton shirt would.

Composed of 95% polyester and 55 spandex, the Energy Athletic also is supposed to have odor-preventing, anti-microbial properties. And at around $60, it is really no more expensive than other premium golf shirts.

Energy Athletic actually offers the shirt with a 30 day guarantee. They say that they’ll “guarantee it will be your favorite shirt. If not, send it back within thirty days for a full product refund” (minus a restocking fee, as it turns out).

I like the shirt a lot—and if it actually offers some sort of energy boosting powers, so much the better.

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  1. Many of the light weight moisture wicking shirts are great golf shirts. Keeping you cool during a round of golf may be the key to a great score. I am not too sure about magical properties of the shirt that go beyond other similar shirts.


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