Equmen High Compression Shirt – Review

imageEqumen Golf Shirt Review

Grade: An incomplete A

Teacher’s Comments: Works for back pain and slimming. Not yet sure about golf.

I woke up Sunday with a telltale pain in my back—the sort that generally leads to several days of hobbling about, feeling as though I can’t stand up straight and my hip is dislocated. Several trips to the chiropractor usually are required to straighten it all out.

It was then that I spied the Equmen long sleeve shirt that’s been sitting on my dresser for a couple of months now. It was sent to me by the company, asking that I review it after wearing it for a round or two of golf. Unfortunately, the weather has not been at all conducive to golf—the usual January thaw just didn’t materialize.

But upon seeing it, I recalled that the literature in the package said that the shirt’s “helix mapping” compression was designed to support the core muscles and that it could help reduce back pain. Figure I had nothing to lose, I wrestled it on.

Wrestling is exactly the word I wanted to use there, because it’s a devil of a thing to don. At first glance, the “large” looks like it’s designed for a twelve year old boy. But I tugged and pulled and managed to get it on.

I thought it would feel terrible, but it is in fact incredibly comfortable. The very tight, compressing shirt fits like a second skin, with no bunching or rubbing. Moreover, the weave works to warm the muscles in a very therapeutic way. I felt warm, without being hot or sweaty.

As for the back, it worked. The expected pain never materialized, and I credit that to the shirt’s designed core support and the muscle warming. I felt terrific wearing it all day, and only regretfully took it off that night.

A nice side effect: it has an immediate slimming effect in its look. I think I looked years younger in the Equmen.

I can’t wait to see if the core support works to improve my golf game.

My only regret about this is that I don’t have a half dozen of the short sleeve models to wear every day. At $99 to $109 each, I can’t possibly afford to buy them.

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