Etiquette On The Course

In his latest book, Johnny Miller has some interesting thoughts on what he thinks is an increasing lack of civility in the game of golf. He upbraids the in-your-face, f-bomb dropping younger players as harmful to the game; and specifically takes Tiger to task. Tiger, of course, dropped the first f-bomb of the new season Thursday on national television at the Mercedes.

I think that Miller may be looking at the game through rose colored glasses. I’m quite sure that the players of the 40s, 50s and 60s could swear up a blue streak. The difference is that there weren’t any high powered mikes pointed in their direction, or tv cameras following them all over the course.

Still, he did make one point that I do agree with. Golf is in the process of morphing from a “game” into a “sport.” And with that will come the trash-talking and showmanship of the NBA (worst offender), the NFL and MLB.

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