Euro Tour Chief Says Women In Men’s Event Is A Gimmick

European Tour Chief George O’Grady says that having women play in men’s events is a “gimmick.”

He also discounted tournament committee member Jean Van de Velde’s intention to apply for entry to next year’s women’s British Open.

I don’t think that women attempting to qualify for the Open Championship is a “gimmick.” They should be able to try like anyone else. And if they’re good enough to qualify, then by definition, it isn’t a gimmick.

On the other hand, a tournament giving a sponsor’s exemption to a female player probably is a gimmick.

But so what? The sponsors have to do what they can to maximize attention and revenues. If having a famous female player tee it up is good for the tournament, I don’t have a problem with that.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Its not like these female players represent any real threat to the best of the male players.

They should all get over it.

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