Evaporative Cooling Baseball Cap


Evaporative Cooling 6 Panel Baseball Cap

Here’s a great idea for players in hot climes. It’s a baseball hat with polymer moisture absorbing crystals built in. Soak the hat in water, and although it won’t feel wet to the touch, the evaporation will provide a natural cooling effect. I have a neck scarf that works on similar principles and it’s really neat.

From the manufacturer:

Evaporative Cooling Clothing works under the same principle your body uses to cool itself. Your body sweats, the moisture on your body evaporates and this cools your body. The lower the humidity the greater the ability for the moisture to evaporate and provide the cooling effect.

The polymer crystals turn into gel and hold moisture. The crystals will hold the water in a way that will not make the hat feel wet to the touch after the hat is hydrated properly and the fabric slightly dried
Our six panel baseball cap design has a lightweight polyester six panel mesh crown that breathes and allows our exclusive bandoo to cool. We’ve placed our two channel, flat bandoo design where the sweatband usually is for optimum forehead cooling.

We’ve also included an adjustable hook and closure at the back of the cap so we’ll fit just about everyone. This special cap is patented so you can only get it from us. The golfers you know will love this cap!

General Use Tips

* Occasional waving of the hat will increase general evaporation and the cooling effect. * If the hat is over hydrated the crystals will continue to absorb water and press through the fabric if this happens, wipe and wash the excess crystals off and pat dry for use. * NOTE, over-hydrating the hat will cause the crystals to expand and press through the fabric

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