Even At 67, Nicklaus Is The Oprah of Golf

So what’s Jack Nicklaus been up to? An article by Gene Wojciechowski at ESPN.Com details some of The Golden Bear’s projects:

Nicklaus has his own magazine, clothing line, equipment line, tournament, museum, calendar and currency (a Royal Bank of Scotland-issued 5-pound note bearing his likeness, as well as a 113-gram gold coin—legal tender in the Cook Islands—that features Nicklaus on one side, the Queen of England on the other). He has the legacy of those 18 major victories and, of course, a golf architecture empire.

His own currency? Somehow I can’t see Tiger getting his face on money—no matter how many he wins.

And what I find surprising is that, more than a decade removed from any sort of real competitiveness, Nicklaus still is a mover and shaker. Wojciechowski says that Nicklaus has all the business enterprise …

And clout too. Golf Inc. Magazine didn’t name Nicklaus the sport’s biggest mover and shaker in 2004, 2005 and 2006 by accident. He hasn’t won a major in more than 20 years, hasn’t played a competitive round in almost two years (save for a Skins Game here and there) and yet Nicklaus is the Oprah of golf. He’s everywhere.

The Oprah of golf. Now there,s a line.

Only I don’t see him dispensing Oprah-like hugs and warm fuzzies.

It’s an interesting article. Give it a read.

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