Extended Golf Season In Michigan

Green Oaks Tenth Hole
Green Oaks Tenth Hole

The golf season in Michigan just keeps on keeping on.

Yesterday (Nov. 9), I managed to squeeze eighteen holes in after work at my favorite local track. Temperatures were in the upper fifties under sunny skies. Last year on the same date, it was 35 degrees and meteorologists were discussing a snow brought on by the dreaded Polar Vortex.

At the risk of jinxing things, the ten day forecast right now calls for temperatures in the upper fifties and low sixties. The El Nino system that periodically brews up in the Pacific typically brings milder winters to Michigan. I’m hopeful that this is one of those years when I can continue to play into December and January.

Below are some more photos from yesterday’s round. Twilight is always a good time for pictures. Photographers call it “The Golden Hour.” In that time, light is softer because of the angle of sunlight through the atmosphere. Click to embiggen.



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