Eye Spy Golf


Eye Spy Golf is a site with a fabulous premise: using Google Earth to catalog every golf course in the US. The courses are organized by state and city, and you can run a search on a particular area. Once you’ve found the course you want, you click on the link to download the KML file and launch Google Earth (all this assumes that you have the Google Earth app already installed; it’s a free download from Google). The app then takes you directly to a detailed satellite photo of the course.

You can see a screenshot of my home course above.

Of course, you can do this without the help of Eye Spy Golf, but you’d spend a lot of time whirling about on Google Earth looking for courses from a birds eye view. And then when you found one, it’s possible that youi wouldn’t know which one it was.

In addition to letting you pick and zoom in on specific courses, Eye Spy also gives you information abotu he courfses, such as fees, addresses and a driving map.

Its neat stuff.

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