Faldo and Sabbatini Exchange Shots Across The Bow

In what has to be a deliberately evil move, the PGA Tour paired Rory Sabbatini and Nick Faldo in the first two rounds of the Player’s Championship.

Faldo and Sabbatini have a bit of history. During last year’s Booz Allen, Sabbatini was roundly criticized by television commentator Faldo for leaving playing partner Ben Crane behind to finish a hole. Sabbatini—one of the faster players on Tour—was disgusted by Crane’s glacially slow pace.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Faldo is a slow player himself. During the first round, the Sabbatini-Faldo-Camilo Villegas group was put on a clock for—slow play.

So in round two, Sabbatini’s wife—who was following the group—sported a tee shirt that said “Keep Up.”

Asked aboutit after the round, Faldo said “‘I think it’s very embarrassing for them to bring their sexual problems to the golf course. Poor fellow. I thought he had enough problems as it is without her announcing them to the world.’”

Boy was that brutal.

The whole thing is descending into the realm of the tawdry.

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