Fall Color On The Golf Course

Fall Color On The Golf Course
Fall Color On The Course — At Green Oaks In Ypsilanti

Fall Color On The Golf Course

Fall in Michigan is my favorite time to play golf. The air is crisp, the courses are less crowded, and the color can be spectacular. Green Oaks has some maples on the course that produce some of the most amazing colors I have seen.

The downside to all of this fall color is of course the leaves on the ground. Even the most fanatical of greenskeepers can’t possibly keep up. Balls can hit the fairway and disappear under a new-fallen spray of leaves, never to be found again.

For that reason, in the fall, I generally switch to the cheapest ball I can buy. I know I’m going to lose several in plain sight, so I don’t want a large investment.

A couple of years ago, I conducted an entirely unscientific experiment to discover what golf ball color is best for fall rounds. I had thought that one of the new ultra-bright balls might do the trick. As it turns out the winner was plain white.

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Fall Color At Green Oaks

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