Famous Smoke Shop Vudu Sacrifice Cigar Review

Vudu Sacrifice Cigar
Vudu Sacrifice Cigar

Famous Smoke Shop Vudu Sacrifice Cigar
Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: A pleasant smoke.

While testing the Vudu Sacrifice cigars I was sent for review, my playing partners have invariably remarked: That’s a nice smelling cigar.

It is. The Vudu Sacrifice is a nice tasting cigar as well.

I would classify the Vudu Sacrifice as a medium smoke. In terms of flavors, there are just enough to be interesting, while not overwhelming the casual cigar smoker. From initial light to the last of the stub, the taste is consistent. There’s a little pepper, a little sweet and some earthy tones.

The Vudu Sacrifice produces a great deal of smoke and draws well.

On the downside, I felt as though the Vudu Sacrifice lacked some desired complexity. If the Vudu Sacrifice was a song, it would be one with three chords. There are a lot of great songs with just three chords, but in the end, they’re just three chords. It’s not Beethoveen.

At around $3 a cigar, the Vudu Sacrifice is a very good bargain. If a friend had given me one, I would have suspected it was in the $6 to $8 category.

I think that the Vudu Sacrifice would be absolutely perfect for weddings, bachelor parties, birth celebrations and any other occasion where you need to buy a large quantity of cigars without knowing just how much cigar everyone is able to tolerate.

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