Famous Golf Blogger Named To USGA Board of Directors

imageResponding to criticism that it is “out of touch” and fails to represent the average golfer, USGA President Thomas O’Toole announced today the appointment of famous golf blogger Tony Korologos to the Executive Board.

“We have heard and understand that the average golfer feels as though we don’t represent their interests,” O’Toole said. “Mr. Korologos gives a voice to the average golfer, of whom tens of millions read his blog.”

Korologos, who in 2004 started one of the original golf blogs, Hooked On Golf Blog, said “I had to think long and hard before accepting this appointment. In the end, however, I decided to make the sacrifice of time that being on the board requires. I feel as though somebody has to start injecting a degree of sanity back into the game.”

“The first thing I’m going to do is to work to ban Footgolf and 15-inch holes from courses,” Korologos said.

Although I’m disappointed that wasn’t chosen, I’m happy for my friend.  Just as bringing a US Open to a public course represented a step in the democratization of the blue-blood organization, so too is naming a regular joe to the board.

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