Farmers Insurance Open 2011 Final Round Tee Times and Television Coverage

There’s a little bit of an extended coverage today, as the Golf Channel leads off from 1:00 – 2:30 (EST) and CBS picks it up from 3:00 to 6:30.

The final pairings look great: Bubba Watson, Anthony Kim and Jhonattan Vegas, followed by Phil Mickelson, Bill Haas and Hunter Mahan. Love the groups of three. That’ll allow us to see more of the leaders.

Tee times (west coast time) follow:

Torrey Pines (South Course) Tee #1
Time Players
10:15 am Mickelson, Phil Haas, Bill Mahan, Hunter
10:05 am Watson, Bubba Kim, Anthony Vegas, Jhonattan
9:55 am Points, D.A. Snedeker, Brandt Sutherland, Kevin
9:45 am Johnson, Dustin Fowler, Rickie Jacobson, Fredrik
9:35 am Adams, Blake Leishman, Marc Mayfair, Billy
9:25 am Crane, Ben Duval, David Walker, Jimmy
9:15 am Yang, Y.E. Bradley, Keegan Levin, Spencer
9:05 am Gillis, Tom Perez, Pat Durant, Joe
8:55 am Jobe, Brandt Miller, Zack Glover, Lucas
8:45 am Stanley, Kyle Johnson, Richard S. Stankowski, Paul
8:35 am Howell III, Charles Herron, Tim Matteson, Troy
8:25 am Steele, Brendan Woods, Tiger Chalmers, Greg
8:15 am Davis, Brian Daly, John Martin, Ben
8:05 am Haas, Hunter Gutschewski, Scott Paolucci, Anthony*
Torrey Pines (South Course) Tee #10
Time Players
8:05 am Gates, Bobby Lunde, Bill Brigman, D.J.
8:15 am Cink, Stewart Lovemark, Jamie Villegas, Camilo
8:25 am Holmes, J.B. Rose, Justin Ridings, Tag
8:35 am Singh, Vijay Kirk, Chris Appleby, Stuart
8:45 am Wi, Charlie Jones, Matt Mathis, David
8:55 am Couch, Chris Piller, Martin Thompson, Michael
9:05 am Choi, K.J. Gomez, Fabian Tringale, Cameron
9:15 am Henry, J.J. Watney, Nick Woodland, Gary
9:25 am Sabbatini, Rory Bowditch, Steven Willis, Garrett
9:35 am Reavie, Chez Goydos, Paul Prugh, Alex
9:45 am Kang, Sunghoon Teater, Josh Cabrera, Angel
9:55 am Lyle, Jarrod Gore, Jason
10:05 am Pettersson, Carl Weir, Mike
* amateur player
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1 thought on “Farmers Insurance Open 2011 Final Round Tee Times and Television Coverage”

  1. Your header mentions golfers not named Tiger.  And it omits golfers named Tiger.  You will never get a job in professional sports writing.  wink

    I listened to much of the round while I was playing and I sort of thought that Bubba might set the pace.  But I expected Phil to go lower than this.  I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but what I have seen was pretty great.  Bubba’s last wedge to the green and the follow up putt were great.  Talk about calm. 

    And then Phil taking that layup early, I thought that was a cool message he was saying to Bubba that perhaps a par might be enough—and then the last bit with Bones tending the flag.  That comes up a few different times with my group about the legality of a tend when you are not on the green.  And the rule is that you can have it tended ANY time- but if it is being tended, it must be pulled- it isn’t an option after the ball it hit.


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