Farmers Insurance Open 2011 Round 3 Tee Times

The list of tee times for the 2011 Farmers Insurance Open are below. I like the format, with players in groups of three, teeing off on both the front and back nines. In fact, I’ve said for some time that I think all PGA Tour events should be grouped in threes. I think it increases the tension and sense of competition.

Torrey Pines (South Course) Tee #1
9:50 amHaas, BillKim, AnthonyJacobson, Fredrik
9:40 amWatson, BubbaFowler, RickieMickelson, Phil
9:30 amDaly, JohnMahan, HunterCrane, Ben
9:20 amDavis, BrianKirk, ChrisJohnson, Dustin
9:10 amSutherland, KevinVegas, JhonattanWoods, Tiger
9:00 amSteele, BrendanRidings, TagMayfair, Billy
8:50 amPrugh, AlexHowell III, CharlesLeishman, Marc
8:40 amVillegas, CamiloPerez, PatHolmes, J.B.
8:30 amAdams, BlakeSnedeker, BrandtTeater, Josh
8:20 amLovemark, JamieThompson, MichaelGates, Bobby
8:10 amJohnson, Richard S.Walker, JimmyYang, Y.E.
8:00 amGlover, LucasCink, StewartStanley, Kyle
7:50 amJobe, BrandtMiller, ZackWoodland, Gary
7:40 amDuval, DavidJones, MattKang, Sunghoon
Torrey Pines (South Course) Tee #10
7:40 amMartin, BenHaas, HunterDurant, Joe
7:50 amPoints, D.A.Goydos, PaulSabbatini, Rory
8:00 amMathis, DavidGutschewski, ScottCouch, Chris
8:10 amPiller, MartinBowditch, StevenPaolucci, Anthony*
8:20 amChoi, K.J.Bradley, KeeganGomez, Fabian
8:30 amStankowski, PaulLevin, SpencerGillis, Tom
8:40 amWeir, MikeLunde, BillRose, Justin
8:50 amTringale, CameronHerron, TimMatteson, Troy
9:00 amBrigman, D.J.Cabrera, AngelSingh, Vijay
9:10 amGore, JasonChalmers, GregWillis, Garrett
9:20 amHenry, J.J.Watney, NickPettersson, Carl
9:30 amAppleby, StuartReavie, Chez
9:40 amWi, CharlieLyle, Jarrod

3 thoughts on “Farmers Insurance Open 2011 Round 3 Tee Times”

  1. I like the threesomes,  but it was moving slower today than usual, wasn’t it?

    And as much as I like the threesome, I sure want the foursomes for Sunday.  Get the T1 & T3s (both -12s and both -11s) in one group. 

    It will be a very interesting dynamic.  It sure seems to me as this is almost to Bubba’s advantage.  He is in the catbirds seat to set an early pace and have the last group under stress to match him and make things happen. 

    And it will be interesting, and probably a little aggrivating how much we will have to watch Tiger on Sunday.  They should have their hands full covering the last two groups – but I will betcha that we will have at least 20% Tiger coverage until the last hour – no matter what he does. 

    Sure was telling that Tiger skirted the interviews today.  What a jerk.

  2. Q: So how is Tiger Woods still being called “The Greatest Golfer Ever”? He is 35, and he isn’t the greatest golfer right now. He isn’t the greatest golfer over 35, and he isn’t the greatest golfer 35 and younger. Nicklaus won many tournaments and a few majors after turning 33. Tiger hasn’t won a tournament since he was 33 and he hasn’t won a major since he was 32.

    But I just finished watching some golf channel coverage, and they keep talking about Tiger being the greatest golfer ever.  that needs to stop.  Tiger Woods was the greatest golfer for 12 years.  Bobby Jones won only one less major in only 7 years.  So why is Tiger a greater golfer than Bobby?  If you count 1sts and 2nds, then Tiger, he will have to win or place in 15 more majors to catch Jack. 

    Maybe Tiger is the greatest player still active, but the other title is just getting annoying because right now Tiger isn’t jack when it comes to winning in this decade.

  3. And don’t give me some stuff about his personal issues.  Everyone has personal issues.  Jack had personal issues, maybe he didn’t make as big a personal issues for himself.  Bobby had personal issues as it related to his health. 

    And that is still just an “if”  Tiger stopped winning majors before his world fell apart.  You can say “if” “if” “if”.  I play with a couple guys that will talk all about their “if”s at the end of the round.  Well you know what, “if” I made more 14 foot putts, I would be a 4 handicap instead of a 14.  If I could stop getting the 2+ doubles per round, I would break 80. 

    IF is meaningless.  IS has meaning.


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