Fascination – Golf Poetry


O GOLF, thou siren of the lea, 
To whom both sexes bend the knee. 
What is the subtle, magic power 
That makes the world all else forsake, 
And follow in thy grassy wake 
From early mom to twilight hour? 

Each other sport has had its day, 
But none has carried us away 
Completely — body, brain and soul — 
Like golf; in fact, I'd yield them all, 
To hit just once that little ball 
And drive it onward to a hole. 

Yet deeper still there's something more — 
A hope to make a better score 
Than one has ever yet achieved; 
And in that hope, that ever leads 
Up on to do more worthy deeds. 
May you and I be not deceived! 

Frank J. Bownelle

from Lyrics of the Links, 1921

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