FastSkinz Promises Higher MPG With Golf Ball Technology


So here’s the theory. If a golf ball flies further because the dimples reduce drag, then the same principle ought to work on vehicles.

SkinzWraps, the company that makes those wrap-around car advertisement skins, now has a wrap that dimples your car. It’s called FastSkinz. The company claims an 18% to 20% improvement on miles per gallon. The initial applications will be for large scale commercial use applications, such as fleet operators, trucking companies and municipalities.

I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical. If this actually worked, why hasn’t the auto industry—or at least race teams—come up with this before.

“The preliminary wind tunnel data that came off our car is impressive. I would love to see what this stuff could do on the track,” noted NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace and owner of Mooresville, NC-based Rusty Wallace Racing (RWI).

“We have worked on this ground breaking product in skunk works secrecy for almost a year and a half. This is American ingenuity and American hard work at it best. From that flash of genius to the issuance of this release, I have personally witnessed every step in the process to bring this innovative product to market, so I am very confident when I say with full conviction that MPG-Plus(TM) is going to change everything,” says Peter C. Salaverry, Chairman & CEO of SkinzWraps, Inc.

The company claims that a wrap will last for five years.

Whether it improves MPG or not, I want one. It would complete my golf obsession.

A diagram of how it works is below:


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