FBR Open Launches “Real” Golf Season

The first “real” golf tournament of the year arrives this week in the form of the FBR Open. With a memorable course (or at least a memorable hole), and a field that includes Phil Mickelson, Anthony Kim, Camillo Villegas, Geoff Ogilvy, two-timer past champion JB Holmes and fifteen Major winners, it should (finally) be worth watching.

Even better: the weekend coverage is on CBS, not The Golf Channel.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that irks me about The Golf Channel Broadcasts. At some level, I think it’s that TGC broadcasts somehow lack the “richness” of a CBS production. The Golf Channel’s camerawork and production somehow seems “off”; the sound a bit tinny; the announcers somehow lack depth. I’d liken it to that of a typical BBC production as compared to one on an American network.  (Yes, I know the BBC has some great writers—and I love a great many of their shows—but their sets, sound and lighting generally are not good.)

At any rate, I look forward to watching the final day of the tournament in the hours leading to the SuperBowl.

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