Feeding Your Golf Addiction In The Winter Part 15: Take A Walk

This is the fifteenth in a series on things to do to feed your golf addiction in the winter.

Wintry Wood (1 of 1)

Take A Walk

A great part of golf’s attraction for The GolfBlogger lies in the chance to be out of doors, in the fresh air and sunshine and away from the general cares of civilization. Rather than being a good walk spoiled, golf gives all that walking a purpose.

Thus for me, one way to feed my golf addiction in the winter is to get outside and take a good long walk. I am not, however, one to just take endless strolls, so my excursions often involve a trip to the store to pick up some sundries (I take a backpack) or to the library for a couple of books. I listen to audiobooks or my favorite podcast, EconTalk, on the way.

But even those walks don’t satisfy my need to get away from civilization. For that, I take a trip to the woods. With camera in tow, I head off on some snowy park trail, to shoot trees, shifting light and the occasional glimpse of wildlife. The air is crisp, the ground soft, and the sunshine even occasionally warm.

It’s not golf. But it does help to feed the addiction.

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