Feeding Your Golf Addiction In The Winter Part 16: Go To The Driving Range

This is the sixteenth in a series on things to do in the golfing offseason to feed your golf addiction:

Driving Range In The SnowGo To The Driving Range

The GolfBlogger is not generally a fan of driving ranges. I’m convinced that reinforcing the skipping motion of a club off a mat does more harm than good when that swing is taken to the course. But even with those reservations, there just isn’t any substitute for the sound and the feel of surlyn on stainless steel and the view of a golf ball soaring into the distance.

Here in golf-mad Michigan, you can find hardy souls at the range in every type of weather—even in the dead of winter. And the GolfBlogger isn’t ashamed to admit that he’s one of them. Even in freezing weather, the range is a great place to feed a golf addiction.

3 thoughts on “Feeding Your Golf Addiction In The Winter Part 16: Go To The Driving Range”

  1. I just got an email from Fox Hills touting “Winter Golf” on their Classic Fox course.  I have played there in the past during the Winter when thaws have cleared the snow. However, this looked like real Winter golf -orange balls and snowmobile suits.  I am an enthusiastic golfer but not enough to trudge through snow drifts in search of my orange ball.


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