Feherty Becomes A US Citizen

David Feherty, the sometimes incomprehensible Irish golfer and television color analyst, became a US Citizen on Tuesday.

From the Dallas Morning News:

What pushed the outspoken Irishman to finally become a citizen? A visit to Baghdad to visit U.S. troops two years ago.

The 51-year-old former touring pro had a flashback to his childhood in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where bombings and barricades were common as the Catholic minority fought British rule. Baghdad became an epiphany for Feherty, who witnessed compassion and restraint there.

“I wanted to be able to call them my soldiers, my pilots, my sailors,” said the Dallas resident, a former citizen of the United Kingdom. “I have the benefit of living in this country and it is maintained by them. … Thomas Jefferson said we need soldiers and teachers, and it is as true now as it was then.”

Welcome, David.

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1 thought on “Feherty Becomes A US Citizen”

  1. We really should have higher standards for granting citizenship.  wink

    He may be my favorite commentator, and I love his writing.


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