Final Fore Review

imageFinal Fore (Golf Lover’s Mysteries)

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Cassie Burdette is a likable, if flawed heroine

With Final Fore, Roberta Isleib presents the fifth in her series of mysteries about LPGA golfer and sleuth Cassie Burdette.

In the latest installment, Cassie is making her debut in the US Women’s Open, but as usual, nothing is easy. Cassie’s regular caddie, Laura, is away tending her critically ill father; she’s worrying about an invitation to play in a men’s tournament; her love life is (as usual) a disaster; her family is more dysfunctional than ever; and she’s receiving threatening notes and emails.

And oh, by the way. A fellow competitor—a rising teenage star—has been poisoned.

I’ll make a couple of confessions at this juncture: I’m not much of a mystery reader (my tastes tend toward non-fiction), and I don’t generally enjoy books with female protagonists (I confess to not understanding the fairer sex).

But I really enjoy the Cassie Burdette mysteries and look forward to the next installment.

It’s not just because they’re about golf—although that helps. It’s because Isleib’s plots are interesting and she writes with a clean style that hurries you along from beginning to end.

And I like Cassie.

I’ll note that Mrs. GolfBlogger, a non-golfer, enjoys these books as well—in fact, probably more than I do. I actually got Final Fore some months ago, and Mrs. Golfblogger snatched it as soon as I opened the package. She then forgot to give it back until last week … thus the reason for the delay in the review.

Add this one to your reading list.


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