Final Thoughts On 2012 US Open

  • First, congratulations to Webb Simpson. He’s been a top tier player for the last couple of years and this is the icing on the cake.
  • I loved the competitive nature of the final round. Lots of guys had chances to win, right down to the final group on the final hole.
  • I feel sorry for Jim Furyk. He basically choked.
  • The Beau Hossler story didn’t pan out. Too bad.
  • Here’s an interesting stat on the current competitive balance. Since Tiger won his last Major, there have been fifteen different winners in sixteen Majors. Only Harrington repeated. Tiger last won at the 2006 US Open. Since then, it was Harrington, Harrington, Cabrera, Glover, Cink, Yang, Mickelson, McDowell, Oosthuizen, Kaymer, Schwartzel, McIlroy, Clarke, Bradley, Watson and now Simpson.
  • Given that, the favorite for the Open Championship has to be … none of the above. How about Garcia?
  • Tiger proved again what I’ve been saying for more than a year. He’s going to return as a very good Tour player. Nothing more.
  • Olympic has developed quite a reputation, hasn’t it?
  • Westwood’s lost ball in the tree was bizarre. It is almost as if the Golf Gods don’t want him to win a Major.
  • The USGA shortening the 16th dramatically may have been the game changer. Some guys seemed to adjust. Some didn’t.
  • Over par won for only the third time in 34 years.
  • Third American Major winner in a row. Can we now end the discussion about European Tour domination of golf? Seems to me that domination is whichever way the wind is blowing at the time.
  • It didn’t look like security at the US Open was up to par. So many were crowded around Tiger after Saturday’s round that he banged his hand. Then that lunatic gets onscreen to make bird calls.
  • I’m really tired of Bob Costas. Let’s consign him to the dust heap with Brent Musberger.
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2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts On 2012 US Open”

  1. It’s interesting also that another 20’s something player wins a major. I know there was Clarke at the Open last year and Bubba is just over 30 but the young brigade are still the ones to watch.

  2. Totally agree, Troy. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the changing of the guard. The last generation of players is still relevant, but they increasingly are being edged out in important contests.

    I still count Bubba and Kuchar as part of the current gen, although at the vanguard.


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