Finally, Some Good News For Tiger

Finally some good news for Tiger. He’s been named Associated Press Athlete of the Decade.

You’ll get no argument from me. I can’t think of anyone else—except perhaps Lance Armstrong—who has maintained such dominance over the long haul. Tiger has won Sportsman of the Year three times since 1999; Lance won it four times, but in a four year span, 2002 – 2005. Woody won in 1999, 2000 and 2006.

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1 thought on “Finally, Some Good News For Tiger”

  1. Obama gets Nobel…Woody gets Athlete of the Decade. It seems we do live in a parallel universe. I disagree with both men winning these awards. In one case, the timing of the announcement was a joke. In the other, it is irrelevant. Woody may deserve Performer of the Decade, but there are a multitude of athletes that are more deserving of our admiration. 

    Rewarding bad behavior, rather then showing that their are consequences indicates that the media haven’t learned a thing. The intent of this award is to reward the recipient with recognition. Bernie Madoff was good at what he did…but that does not mean he gets an award of recognition for being so good at it. We cannot separate the man from his achievements, in my opinion. It is a package deal.

    But more good news…in honor of Woody, a married man found fooling around with multiple women on a perfectly beautiful wife with 2 newborns and a billion in the bank, will be now know as caught “doing a Tiger Woods”

    A most sad reality that it used to refer to magical, dramatic, miraculous comebacks, but that is sooo yesterday. I wonder if the PGA Tour should consider retiring red shirts, at least on Sundays?


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