Finchem Blinks On USGA Grooves Rule

After a lot of speculation from various media outlets about whether the USGA had the power and influence to force a grooves rule change that the PGA Tour and manufacturers clearly didn’t like, Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem ended the issue with a single sentence:

“It is our intention to move ahead and utilize the condition starting on Jan. 1, 2010.”

If I thought it would end the era of Bomb-And-Gouge on the Tour, I’d be in favor of it. But it won’t The ball manufacturers will simply design a new cover that performs the same off the new groves. And then we’ll be right back where we started.

Memo to the USGA: It’s the ball.

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2 thoughts on “Finchem Blinks On USGA Grooves Rule”

  1. Clearly the ball makes a lot of difference, I really wonder how much the grooves do. 

    Yesterday, I played with the HX Hot Plus, and on one shot, I hit a high Pitching Wedge 105 yards onto the green, I was right on the flag, just a couple yards behind.  The ball mark was at least 1/3rd ball deep, and then the ball proceeded 15 feet further on the same trajectory.  I don’t ever expect the HX Hots to stop, but that was ridiculous.

    Today, after a few fairly awful holes with the Hot Plus, I switched to a ProV1 to get rid of that mojo.  Distance dropped off like a rock, my 4-Hybrid, I had been hitting 180-170, was barely reaching 165, but man is the spin great with the ProV1.  I don’t usually have any spin, but the ProV1 was either within 3 feet of the ball mark, or a couple times it backed up.  I straightened up for the last 12 holes (six pars)- and carded a respectable (for me) 89.

    I haven’t decided which ball I am playing tomorrow, probably the ProV1- the course we are playing is the shorter of the two at the club, and the greens are much faster and harder, so stopping ability is a little more necessary.


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