Finding The Right Golf School

Finding the right golf school for you can seem like a daunting task.  Or, on the other hand, you may just sign up for the nearest golf school and end up paying more than you ever expected while receiving sub-par instruction.  We have put together a succinct list of considerations you should take into account if you are looking to improve your game by enrolling in a golf school.

1.Location, Location, Location
Finding the right golf school should first come down to the location you would like to have your instruction take place.  Maybe you would prefer something close to home on a regular basis, or you may prefer instruction geared around travel plans.  Many folks choose to golf on their time away from home whether it be for work or vacation.  National instructional schools such as Bird Golf offer golf instruction at some of the best resorts and courses around the nation, while other options are specific to only one location.

  1. Teaching Credentials

Once you have established the location you’d like to attend your private golf lessons, it is time to start looking at the possible matches for your instructor.  You should first consider the credentials of the instructor.  There are varying levels of golf instruction credentials and we could exhaust ourselves putting together a comprehensive list of possible certifications with the PGA program being at the top, but the most telling factor is time of instruction.  You will want to find an instructor with many years of instruction under their belt.  Not only does this show the success the golf instructor has had, but an instructor with years of experience will have developed solid, structured teaching habits to make sure you make strides quickly.

  1. Golf Technology

Technology is one area where massive changes can happen at a moment’s notice.  There are a plethora of options available for swing, putt stroke, launch angle, ball speed, and rotation analyzation. You must consider the areas of the game which you think require the most attention and choose an instructor who can meet and exceed those expectations.  The use of technology in your instructional sessions will lead to new and precise data which your instructor should be able to dissect and turn into the focus of your lessons.

  1. Instructor Compatibility

One thing you should always consider is instructor compatibility.  This falls into much of the same category as the considerations of technology above.  You should look into what the specific instructor has been known for.  A good way to discover some of these qualifying traits would be to simply ask other students or friends who have used the instructor what their experience was like, including areas of their game which were improved.  If an instructor comes highly recommended from your peers, there is a great chance the experience will end up working out for you as well.  Once you think you have a couple of options lined out, the last step would be to reach out to the instructor himself.  Any good instructor should be willing to discuss their process and what you can expect.

  1. Reviews

Be sure to also look for reviews for any considerations you have.  Reviews can be quite telling and those who have a fair amount of experience typically have a good group of reviews for you to look at.  As always, you should consider both sides of the review spectrum.  A disgruntled customer who jumped on to write a bad review because their instructor could not take 6 strokes off their game after two sessions should be readily discounted, but someone who had a legitimately bad experience with an instructor should just as readily be considered.

Golf instruction at it’s core is quite simple, but with technology constantly changing, and new ways to analyze your game, choosing an instructor can have many factors.  With this list as a guide, you should have an excellent starting point for finding the best options in any area for golf instructors and golf schools to start shaving strokes off your scorecard in no time.



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