Fire Forged Compressor Driver by Snake Eyes Review

Snake Eyes Compressor Ti  Driver Head

Grade: Incomplete

Like most golfers, I’ve got a shed full of drivers. Even though I know better, I’m convinced that a new driver will produce better results.

The Fire Forged Compressor Driver is based on the old Zevo Compressor design, which Golfsmith bought last year. The head of the club is held together under 12,500 psi of compression, using an internal cable system. This is supposed to keep the head from distorting at impact, keeping the ball straighter, and transferring more energy to the ball.

I put this club together with a Snake Eyes Fire Forged driver shaft in an R Flex.

For me, the results on this club are mixed. It is certainly the longest driver I have ever hit. I attribute this to the compression technology.

However, I have had trouble developing any sort of regular tendency with it. At the beginning of the season, I hit it with a high fade — my normal shot. Then, it was a low screamer on a rope to the left. Lately, though, I have been slicing it off the fairway; so badly, in fact, that I have abandoned it in favor of my 3 Wood.

Much of this is probably the gradual disintegration of my swing over the summer. I’m now in a phase where only my short game stands between me and quitting golf altogether. Still, the thing does not inspire my confidence.

One bad thing about it: the sound. It makes a horrible, very loud, popping sound at impact. People on the teebox one fairway over will turn around to see what happened. When struck just right, it sounds like an automobile hitting a tree. Of course, when hit just right, I hit it goes a long way.

I’m going to have to give it an “incomplete” for a grade. I think I like it, but I just don’t know for sure yet.

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  1. Love mine. Cost me $98. It has a 10 degree loft, a Penley 67 regular flex, and is cut to 41.5 inches (short). I still out drive my golf buddies who are younger and hit $100s name brand drivers.

    Two funny notes:
    1) When I 1st used the club at the driving range 2,500 PSI tensile strength threaded rod came unscrewed. LOL! At home I screwed it back with a socket wrench very hand tight with epoxy on the threads. It has never come undone again.

    2) While playing in a company best ball tournament, on the 3rd tee box, the head twisted upon ball impact. Guess I didn’t apply enough epoxy to the shaft and hosel. I wrapped the shaft and hosel with that white medical tape and played the rest of the tournament. Still out drove my playing partners. Even had the group before use ask who was hitting those drives. The biggest guy who was to be our power hitters said the “Little guy.” That was me.

    I love this club and haven’t hit any other one further.


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