First Snow of Autumn


We got our first snow of the year yesterday. Here’s a photo of the blooms in Mrs. GolfBlogger’s rose garden at 6:00 this morning.


Very sad.

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2 thoughts on “First Snow of Autumn”

  1. In Memphis, it was pure misery on Saturday.  I started my round at 8am, and it got cooler and more and more windy with each passing hole.  Around #14, the drizzle started.  A little bit later, I was fairly certain it was sleet- although the temperature was only 48, I doubt it was.  It was the coldest 48 I have ever been in.

    Yesterday was much better, little wind, lots of sun, and about 55 or maybe a little better.  A nice day for late January here- just a little earlier.  Something tells me we are not going to have the normal 330 golfing days this year.

  2. It hasn’t stopped raining in Baltimore for what feels like 2 weeks (it’s actually only been about 4 and a half days)—and to top that, it’s colder and windier by the day!  It’s been pretty moderate around the Mid-Atlantic the past few years, so my guess is this year we’re going to get hit pretty cold with some cold temps.  I guess it’s time to spend some time at the local (heated!) driving range working on my lousy hybrids.  grin


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