Fish Tacos

imageI’m sitting here, poolside, on the last night of my vacation in San Diego. I’ve done a lot of neat things in five days, including playing Torrey Pines—site of the 2008 US Open (more about that in a later post). But the thing I liked most about the trip was … fish tacos.

Yes, fish tacos. They sounded pretty weired to me at first, but they were recommended by a local, and I found them at a place called Rubios.

They’re teriffic. Rubio’s fish tacos are a beer battered fish, with a mysterious white sauce, cabbage and salsa, all stuffed into either a corn or flour tortilla.

Now I am sure that locals will say that other places eclipse Rubio’s tacos, but given my short stay I didn’t have the time to find them.

Add that to my list of restaurants that need to open a branch in Ann Arbor (the other is Chick Fil A).

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