Fitness For Golf

For years, golfers have had the reputation of not being particularly athletic. Certainly the pudgy, younger Jack Nicklaus, or Craig Stadler have given weight to that reputation. But there now seems to be a real fitness craze in the golf world. The younger golfers on tour have looked pretty buff for the last several years. And now, even the weekend golfer realizes that fitness can only improve scores. Here’s another site that purports to be able to shape you up.

2 thoughts on “Fitness For Golf”

  1. “Given weight to that.”  Very funny.  I like your sight a lot.  Pulling for Charles Howell and Jacobson this weekend.  Jacobson is buff but Howell.  It amazes me how far the little twig hits the ball.

  2. Fitness level plays a role in just about every sport.  Whether it is hitting a ball with a bat, jumping to dunk a ball or skating to the other end of the ice, being fit really helps even in a sport that seems “laid back” in comparison.

    Even if it keeps you from feeling sore the next day. wink


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