Five Value Balls To Play

Veteran Detroit News Golf Writer Vartan Kupelian has an article offering mini reviews of five bargain golf balls.

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2 thoughts on “Five Value Balls To Play”

  1. They should be mentioning the Maxfli Fire in this group as well.  It doesn’t go quite as far as the HX Hots, but they look cool and are a pretty good ball for $20.

    I have just about stocked my supply for 2008 though.  A Golfsmith just opened a block from work, and they have HX Hot logo overruns at 18.99 a dozen.  I have bought about 5 dozen now, probably will need another couple dozen to ensure I will be supplied through the rest of this year.  golfballs charges 23.99 and tgw charges 21.99 for the same logo overruns.

  2. I play the Nike power soft (green box) and at $16 at Target for a dozen, you can’t beat ‘em.  They were Consumer Digest’s best ball, for what that is worth.


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