Flat Cat Putter Grip Review

Flat Cat Grips
Flat Cat Grips

Flat Cat Putter Grip Review

Flat Cat Putter Grips
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: My already solid putting game has gotten better.

While most putter grips are more rectangular than round, the Flat Cat Grip takes the concept to its logical conclusion. The sides of the Flat Cat grips are are wide and perfectly flat, with a slight curve to the narrow tops and bottoms. On installation, the flat side is aligned to the face of the putter.

The angle of this photo of the Flat Cat putter makes it look as though the grip and putter face are not square. I can assure you that they are. Notice, however, the relatively narrow tip and wide, flat sides.

The Flat Cat design puts your hands in a position parallel to the putter face. If the face of the club is initially square to the the target line, then the same will be true of the palms and backs of the hands. This means that — regardless of your grip style, or putter arc, the moment of impact is more likely to be square. That, in turn, means that the ball is more likely to start along the target line.

In practice, I’ve found that the design works well. I employ a Boccieri Heavy Putter with a straight-in shaft. My stroke is straight back, and straight through, using the shoulders and as little of the hands and wrist as possible (the Heavy Putter facilitates this).  With the Flat Cat, I am assured that the straight through is indeed as straight as possible.

On a recent round, having sunk my fifth or sixth straight five footer, my playing partner said “You should just pick those up. You don’t miss ’em anyway.”

For my money, the short putts is where the Flat Cat putter grips really shine. I’m not doing any better on the lag putts, but if I can get the ball inside a yard or two, it’s down.

Sinking the five footer is really the key to good putting. Any half way decent golfer can get a lag putt inside a five foot circle. Once there, however, it is all a matter of inches. If you are off line by just two degrees on a five foot putt, you will miss. The Flat Cat putter grip is an added layer to making those tough five footers.

The Flat Cat grips have a nice soft, tacky feel. With care, I think they should last a long time.

I have two complains about the Flat Cat grip. The first is the price. At $28, these grips are a serious investment. It is not the kind of thing that you can try on a whim. The second is that they don’t come in colors other than the neon green. A little color variety would be nice.





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