Flaviar Whiskey Sampler Review

Flaviar Whisky Sampler


Flaviar Whisky Samplers
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: A terrific luxury gift idea for the golfer and whisky lover who has everything.
Golf. Whisky. Haggis.

Ok. Forget the Haggis. Flaviar doesn’t do haggis, and you likely don’t want one in any case.

Flaviar also can’t do anything for your game. They can, however, send you samples of the best whiskys available to satisfy your sense of imbibing pleasure.

Flaviar Whiskey Samplers are an interesting entry in the “curated boxes” milieu. Each month, Flaviar offers a box of three curated alcoholic spirits to whet your appetites. If you like the taste, Flaviar has deals on full bottles of the samples.

Flaviar Sample Vial

The Macallan, Glenmorangie, Ardbeg, The Yamazaki, Laphroaig, Leguvulin, Hibiki, The Glenlivit, Hennessy, Jameson and many others are part of the Flaviar selection. I like the idea of getting a taste of a liqueur without the expense of purchasing a full bottle. I also like the notion of having experts on spirits guide me to the good stuff. There’s a lot of swill out there.

A year’s subscription to Flaviar is $275. That gets you monthly samples of three different liqueurs. Two months is just $50.

I got an early sample of the Flaviar package that consisted of five tasters. The company has since reduced the price and the number of samples in each package to three. You can also join the “Prime” service, where you receive the sample vials, and get free shipping on full-sized bottles that you love.

My samples included Santis Swiss Peated Whisky, Nikka Yoichi Japanese Whiskey, Writers’ Tears Irish Whisky, Glenmorangie Quinta and Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky. They were all excellent, and I think I just might get some more of the Glenmorangie.

Flaviar also has an email “course” on spirits that I found very interesting. You sign up and over the course of a week Flaviar sends interesting and useful information on a variety of liqueurs. I long ago resolved to never go to bed without learning something new; the Flaviar “School of Spirits” kept me busy.

Finally, the company has an app which is supposed to help you become a more discerning consumer of fine alcoholic beverages. It is only available for IOS, however, and I have an Android phone.

Get A Flaviar Whiskey Sampler Here.

Flaviar Gift Box

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