Flip HD Video Camera For Golfers

Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black)

This may be just a little outside the box, but I think that one of these little, and relatively inexpensive video cameras would make a great Christmas gift for the golfer in your life. Mounted on a Gorillapod, it can be easily attached to a bag and taken to the range (or to the course) for a videotaping of the swing.

That’s LOTS less expensive than one of those private videotape lessons. And every real golfer will be able to analyze their own swing faults, once they’ve seen them in slow motion.

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5 thoughts on “Flip HD Video Camera For Golfers”

  1. I am really wanting something with even better slow mo.  The Casio ex-fc100 and ex-fs10 point and shoot cameras have an HD video recording mode, but even more cool is the Superslow motion recording at 210, 420 or 1000 fps. 

    Another really cool feature is that you can set it to capture a number of frames before you press the shutter so you can go back and select just the right millisecond – take out blinks, capture the right smile, etc.  The camera is a little more (starting around $200 street for the fs10, but look at the youtubes made with these and try and deny you want one:

  2. 210 is a usable resolution – but you are right about 420 and especially 1000.  It will be fun to play with still but not useful.  The HD mode is still pretty good, and the lag correction for still pictures is very cool.  With a 5 year old, the lag correction will be very handy.


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