Florida Man, 77, Punches 84-Year-Old Friend Over Golf Etiquette

Florida Man, 77, Punches 84 Year Old Friend Over Golf Etiquette

They take golf seriously at The Villages, the vast Florida retirement community.

Police say a fight broke out between two friends, aged 77 and 84 over where the older man was standing near the green.

Fox News reports

Deputies spoke to a man who was playing golf with both Randell and the friend. Around the fourth hole, the man said the two began arguing, which was something they reportedly did often.

The affidavit said the friend told Randell – who was standing on the green near the hole — to move, to which Randell replied, saying he knew the etiquette of the game.

They continued to argue, the report stated, and the friend reportedly flipped off Randell. Randell then approached his friend and reportedly said, “do that again, and I will hit you,” the affidavit stated.

The friend flipped him off again and that’s when Randell reportedly punched the man in the face, and the friend fell to the ground. Deputies said the victim was taken to a local hospital with a visibly swollen bruise on the side of his face. 

Given The Villages’ reputation for rampant hedonism, you’d think two old guys would have something better to do than to fight over who stands where on a golf course.

If you don’t already follow it the Florida Man twitter account, it’s a hoot.

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