Flower Golf Tees


Team Golf Ladies Garden Variety Tees-3 Pack

Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week

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2 thoughts on “Flower Golf Tees”

  1. I loved those Team Golf Garden Variety Tees.  They were soooo cute.  They were not good to use in the tee box but as a novelty they were tops. I use to put them in the tee holders on my golf pants for decoration. Very attractive.  If I could find them again I would buy them again in a flash.  If anyone knows were I can get them let me know.  I’ve been searching but so far no luck. The Golf Blogger is wrong, wrong, wrong.  They are not ridiculous! They were unique. Too bad blogger put them out of business. What a archaic thinker. Golf tees need some pizzazz. They just added some badly needed glamour for us femine stylish sporty types. Bring them BACK! I’ll buy some.


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