A Foam Block Drill For Curing An Over-The-Top Move

In recent weeks, I have focused on getting rid of the over-the-top move that plagues my golf swing. I purchased a pack of alignment sticks and have been working diligently on the range a couple of times a week. I use one stick and a club on the ground to align my feet and the other alignment stick stuck into the ground about three feet behind my ball, at the same angle as the club’s shaft. The idea, as shown in the second half of the video below, is to bring the club through the ball on a path inside the stick.

To avoid falling back into bad habits on the course, however, I needed to devise another solution. Sticking shafts into the ground was too time consuming, and likely would annoy anyone I was playing with (Although I have done it on solo rounds with no one waiting).

A Foam Block Drill For Curing An Over-The-Top Move
A Foam Block Drill For Curing An Over-The-Top Move

My quicker on-course solution is to use a piece of foam packing cut to size. Before taking a shot, I place it on the ground just outside the ball, aligned slightly right of the target. A proper inside approach avoids hitting the block. An over-the-top move comes right down on top of it.

The whole procedure takes just a few seconds.

Yes, I know I am breaking the rules of golf in doing this. I don’t care. I will stop as soon as the new muscle-memories are ingrained.

I have found that my swing path is making marked improvements. The proof is in both the ball flight and in the divots. My iron shots now have a bit of a draw, while the divots generally no longer angle to the left.

The driver still needs quite a bit of work. I think I need a taller piece of foam for the drives. With the ball on the tee, it is possible to come over-the-top and miss the foam.

Another part of my foam block drill that needs tweaking is that the block needs to be a bit heavier. In a wind, it blows away. it also is not heavy enough to settle down in the grass.

As with my swing, the foam block drill for curing an over-the-top move is a work in progress.



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