Footgolf Plague Arrives In Michigan

The footgolf plague has arrived in Michigan, and the abomination’s Typhoid Mary is Fox Hills in Plymouth. They’ve opened their Strategic Fox course to the toe heads.

And if the thought of sharing the course with a bunch of soccer hooligans isn’t enough to dissuade you from playing there, the pricing structure will:

$15 for 9; $20 for 18

Soccer Players
$10 for 9; $18 for 18

It is even worse at the Northern Michigan Treetops resort. There, kick ballers get to play for $15. Their rates for actual golfers range from $55 to $129.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why kickers get to play more cheaply than actual golfers. If a course is having trouble filling tee slots, lower the prices. They’re willing to do so for the soccer crowd. How about lowering prices for the dedicated players who will return time and again.

This is a fad that can’t end soon enough.

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