Footjoy WinterSof Gloves Review


wntersof golf gloves

Footjoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: I use these every day, on the course and off.

Footjoy’s Winter Sof gloves are quite obviously intended for cold weather use on the course, but I have a pair that I keep in my jacket pockets for every day use. As you might expect from a pair of golf gloves, they are close fitting, without the bunching and awkwardness that you get from more traditional winter gloves. I particularly like the suede leather palm; not only is it good for gripping clubs, it also works well on steering wheels and for operating cameras and cell phones.

As for warmth, the Wintesof perform admirably. The body of the gloves is a nice fleece, and there’s a knit cuff that keeps that heat point in your wrists warm. It also helps to keep the gloves from sliding around.


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