For The Weekend: Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey Review

Bushmill's Black Bush Irish Whiskey Review


Bushmill’s Black Bush Irish Whiskey

I bought this bottle as a change-up from my usual diet of Bourbon, Scotch and Rum. It was my first introduction to Irish Whiskey, and I have to say that I think the Irish are on to something.

Neither as sweet as bourbon, nor as smoky as Scotch, Bushmills Black Bush first hits the senses with hints of fruits such as pear, and a little apple. The taste is initially a bit syrupy, but only slightly sweet, giving way at the end to spice. The fruitiness lingers at the end. I find it very smooth and a pleasure to sip over an evening.

Bushmill’s Black Bush is a single malt, triple-distilled whiskey comprised of 80% malt and 20% grain. What sets it apart is that it is aged in sherry casks. That is likely responsible for the fruity nature of the whiskey.


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