For Player, Fitness Is The Issue

On the eve of his 50th appearance at the Masters, Gary Player is still repeating his mantra about physical fitness.

When you compare Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, Player says, the two are in a virtual dead heat for the title of Greatest Player Ever.

The difference maker, he thinks will be in conditioning:

“Jack Nicklaus for a time in his life was extremely strong. His legs were just as strong as Tiger’s and he hit the ball the exact same distance if you gave him… the same equipment.

“But Jack Nicklaus’s body went on the wane, it deteriorated at a certain age, where Tiger Woods, his body is going to go on for a long time.”

Even at his age, Player has no intention of letting Father Time catch up to him:

“I go into the gym and I do 1,000 crunches and I put an 80-pound weight (on my chest) and I do some with an 80-pound weight,” Player said, slapping his flat stomach to punctuate the point.

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