Four Top Golfers To Follow On Social Media Right Now

Social media is a fantastic tool for allowing sports personalities to engage with their fans. When it comes to appealing to the next generation of golfing fanatics, today’s professionals understand that providing engaging social content is the way forward. From McIlroy to Daly, this article focuses on the best golfers to follow on social media, and why they’re masters of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter while simultaneously competing in the Masters on the green.

  1. Rory McIlroy

While Rory McIlroy is not exactly known for being the wild man of golf, his regular Instagram updates from some of the world’s most prestigious golf courses is enough for any fan of the sport to hit the follow button. Rory seems to love a selfie – and while there’s something of a curated nature to a lot of his content (we can assume his public relations team play a role in his many endorsements), no sports enthusiast should be without having one of this generation’s golfing trailblazers on their socials. On Twitter he has over 3.1m followers and has stayed simple but hilarious with his brief profile bio of: ‘I hit a little white ball around a field sometimes’.

  1. Ian Poulter

As a golfer who is renowned for being passionate both on and off the green, it should come as no surprise that Poults is one of the most-followed social media figures in his field. There’s a fiery side to Ian’s posting – particularly on Twitter – which has seen him get into spats with the likes of Ted Bishop, Steve Elkington and Brandel Chamblee over the years. Away from golf and trolling his fellow players, Ian Poulter likes nothing more than to show off his enthusiasm for motoring. With his 2.2 million followers on Twitter, he regularly posts updates and also photos of his car collection, which are sure to leave many green with envy!

  1. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ incredibly successful career has stretched over two decades, and his name has at this point been immortalised in the golfing world. As an ambassador for the sport, he has managed to both revolutionise and globalise golf in equal measure. When golf fans bet on golf tournaments, whether it’s the Masters or the PGA Tour, many many choose Tiger Woods as their favourite. While Tiger isn’t the most prolific of tweeters, the fact that he is one of the most-followed golfers in the social media sphere despite not sharing much online is a testament to his ubiquity around the world. Currently at 6.6m followers on Twitter and 2.9m on Instagram, for those interested in his golf tournaments updates and progress, his social media profiles are great to follow. 

  1. Bubba Watson

When it comes to fan engagement in the golfing world, Bubba Watson is one name that immediately springs to mind. He’s been a popular figure on social media for the best part of a decade now, and in 2016 he even launched his own set of emojis in time for the Masters! Bubba’s almost childlike humour has endeared him to nearly 2 million followers on Twitter, where he describes himself as a Christian, husband, daddy, pro golfer and underwear model. He posts content across a number of social media channels, which involves everything from in-game shots to family photos.

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