Free Food For Golfers At Arby’s This Weekend

Arby’s recently signed on as the official restaurant chain of the PGA TOUR and in celebration is offering FREE FOOD FOR GOLFERS!

On Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4, any golfer who brings their scorecard to an Arby’s restaurant will be eligible for a free Buffalo Chicken Slider, Chicken Slider or Turkey Slider.

My guess is that it depends upon whether your local Arby’s is a participating location, but it is worth a shot if you’re driving by on the way back from the course.

Arby’s has been sponsoring Andrew “Beef” Johnston for some time in what strikes me as a genius marketing move. Becoming a PGA TOUR sponsor also makes sense, especially if you listen to Rob Lynch, Arby’s chief marketing officer:

Golf sometimes is perceived as this kind of elitist sport and only a few people play it. The reality is, of the 26 million people who play golf in America, probably 20 million of them are just everyday folks who get out there on the weekend, go to work on Monday, get off on Friday and like to spend time with their buddies or their friends on the weekends. So, I think that that’s what we’re actually trying to give back to the Tour, is we’re trying to create a more everyday golfer or, you know, type of sponsorship here where we actually engage those types of focuses.

Lynch’s thinking actually aligns with the core philosophy of this golf blog. I have long described GolfBlogger as the Golf Blog of Golf’s 99%: the working stiff who plays at munis with ten year old clubs and whose family and work preclude long hours at the range and high end golf trips. We love the game, but aren’t in the money-and-leisure-time demographic the big publications and The Golf Channel target.

Kudos to Arby’s. Now … off to get a sandwich (I have a LOT of old scorecards from my $18 a round muni)



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