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imageOne of my New Year’s resolutions is to save up some money and do some family and golf traveling. On a smaller scale, I think I’d like to to finally take a winter golf trip to Alabama’s Golf (Gulf) Coast or Tennessee—something I’ve been threatening to do for several years. I’d like to take the family to Disney World. And of course, I want to start saving for a big trip to Scotland. I’ve been dreaming and scheming for several weeks now.

Then, in an act of serendipity, on Friday I received an email asking me to try a newsletter called Golf Odyssey. It’s expensive— $97 a year—but they’ve got a free trial that lets you look at all of the back issues online.

The newsletter apparently has been around for 17 years, offering travel reviews and tips. But you can get that from any of the major golf magazines—for a lot cheaper. What makes it different, the editor say, is that:

Our approach is unlike that of any other golf publication in the world. For starters, we travel anonymously and do not accept any advertising, discounts or freebies from the properties we review, allowing us to give you the straight story every time.

Plus, our reviews go far beyond general descriptions to include the all-important details and specific, insider recommendations that make the difference between average trips and golf vacations of a lifetime.

In essence, we are your personal golf travel concierge, a trusted advisor who separates the truly special from the merely serviceable so you don’t have to waste precious time and money doing it.

With the newsletter format and the no-advertising policy, it reminds me of another publication I’ve received for several years—Bottom Line. I’m going to at least sign up for the free trial to take a look at all of their back issues. Here’s the link they sent for a free Golf Odyssey trial:

Try Golf Odyssey for free

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  1. It was a cold day in southwest Tennessee today!  Yesterday was beautiful, 64 degrees and sunny; this morning it was 63 at 9am, at tee time at 11am it was about 50-55, around 1pm it was 40.  Still yesterday, it was a worse play than normal with a 102; today it was not the greatest end result with a 96, but for me it was an amazing seven pars, but just a few bogeys and a way more doubles and triples than I normally get—and this was playing the hard course at the club.


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