French Lick and Other Midwestern Buddy Trip Destinations

French Lick and Other Midwestern Buddy Trip Destinations

French Lick and Other Midwestern Buddy Trip Destinations

I was impressed by these photos of the French Lick resort in Indiana that accompanied a press release about golf buddy trips, and thought I’d pass them on. The Pete Dye course looks amazing, as does the dome of that hotel. The Dome at the West Baden Springs hotel was once called the eighth wonder of the world. It dates to 1902, and until 1955 was the largest free standing dome in the United States.

French Lick has long been a golf buddy trip destination. Earlier this year, I wrote about a French Lick golf buddy trip that was recorded in a newspaper in California in 1916. In addition to the Pete Dye course, French Lick has Donald Ross, and Tom Bendelow courses.

I have not yet had the chance to stay at French Lick or play golf there, but hope to soon.

The midwest is, I think, undervalued as a golf destination. Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois have resorts with collections of courses that rival any you will find elsewhere. Boyne, in Northern Michigan has a collection of ten courses, as well as great lodging and numerous other activities. Treetops is another fine choice in Northern Michigan, as indeed, are all the courses in the Gaylord Golf Mecca. Forest Dunes in Roscommon has highly acclaimed courses, including the innovative “Loop.” South central Michigan has a nice collection of courses at the Gull Lake View resort. Check out my list of Michigan Golf Course Reviews for all of these.  Wisconsin has Kohler and The American Club, where I played Black Wolf Run. In Illinois, I had the chance to stay and play at the Eagle Ridge resort near Galena.

I have never been, but I have heard good things about Minnesota golf. Ohio also has strangely been off my radar, so I will need to do something about that. I am sure they have golf resorts. Ditto Iowa.

I’d love to hear about your favorite midwestern golf resorts and how they stack up to other places. Let me know in the comments.




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