Funk’s Knee Was Serious Business

With all of the attention focused on Tiger Woods’ knee, Fred Funk’s possibly more serious condition was completely overlooked:

The Champions Tour standout and longtime PGA fixture has endured a nightmare with his right knee. After having it drained of fluid 16 times, he contracted a staph infection in late December that required a series of surgeries.

“I was playing Russian roulette with those needles, and finally one of them got me,” he said Wednesday at Innisbrook. “I got the infection there, and that set me way back. I was on an IV pick line for six weeks and pretty sick.”

It was bad enough that doctors actually told him that he risked amputation.

Fortunately, he’s back and will play in this weekend’s Transition Championship.

3 thoughts on “Funk’s Knee Was Serious Business”

  1. From the AP Wire: Furyk made two long birdie putts and was equally thrilled with a 10-foot par save on his final hole Thursday, which gave him a 6-under 65 in the Transitions Championship. It was the first time he has held the outright lead since his last PGA Tour victory 20 months ago.

    Go Fred!

  2. Fred has been through a very rough time. I’m a big Tiger fan, but I wish the media had given some of the “bad knee press” to Fred. Scary to think he could have lost a leg and the Tour could have lost one of its finest competitors.


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