G2 Fitness Golf Stretching Mat Review

G2 Fit Self-Guiding Golf Stretch Fitness Mat for Men

Grade: A

In an effort to stay in “golf shape,” I have over the past several winters undertaken an offseason program of yoga and stretching. I began with Katharine Roberts’ DVD Yoga for Golfers, and later worked in parts of the Mike Pedersen stretching program.

Both of these were effective in keeping me limber and I felt much less awkward and stiff during the early season. But sticking to the programs was a problem. Without playing the DVDs, I can’t remember what to do. And the DVDs take me through portions of the programs that I’d rather not try. (Every time Katharine Roberts says “and if there’s for you …” while exhorting me to ever-greater twists, I cringe.)

G2 Fitness solves this problem with head-slapping simplicity. Printed on their high quality, comfortable exercise mats are clear images of various poses, along with the time required to hold the position. Now, rather than digging out the DVD and turning on the television, I just need to consult the mat itself. The golf mat has twenty nine exercises, all of which I recognize and use.

The stretching exercises are mostly self-explanatory (especially if you’ve ever done a stretching program before), but videos also are available on their website.

G2 makes a variety of mats for different sports and individuals. The company sent me a golf-oriented mat to try, but they also make yoga mats, pilates, general stretch, back stretch and maternity mats. Mrs. GolfBlogger, the labor-and-delivery nurse, would appreciate this last.They should market these to institutions such as hospitals and women’s centers that offer maternity classes.

The mats are advertised as eco-friendly, but that to me that aspect matters not. More important is that it is well constructed of a dense foam, with a durable printed surface on the top. It should last for many years. Another great aspect of the design is that it folds up, not rolls. I’ve had roll-up mats in the past, and the problem with those it that they never quite lay flat when you are using them. The kit also comes with a transport bag that has other stretches printed on it. The bag is made of the same sort of material as those recyclable shopping bags that are so much the vogue.

I really like this mat, and now keep it in my office for stretching in the morning before classes, or after school before a round.

Another product made by G2 is designed to solve a similar problem. A fitness-nut friend of mine has long suggested that I could increase my distance by doing core exercises with an exercise ball. He demonstrated a few for me, and I bought a ball. But I never tried it out because—for the life of me—I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do (and I’m to embarrassed to ask again; I hope Bubba isn’t reading this—he’d give me that “coach’s look” he has honed to perfection). The G2 Core ball has exercise instructions printed right on the unit.

I’m going to have to get one of those.

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  1. Another great way to improve your game is with yoga because it improves your posture. Once your core is strengthened you will never waste a second worrying about whether or not you are standing up straight enough when you are about to tee off. Standing up straight will increase the power in your swing and reduce back pain.


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