Galvin Green Dash Pullover Review

Galvin Green Dash Pullover Review
The GolfBlogger modeling the Galvin Green Dash Insula Pullover. Click to embiggen.

Galvin Green Dash Pullover Review

Galvin Green Dash Pullover
Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: Warm, comfortable, perfectly designed for the golf swing A phenomenal piece of golf apparel.

Some weeks ago, Galvin Green sent one of their Dash Pullovers for review, but a lingering Indian Summer here in Michigan kept temperatures in the shirtsleeves and light sweater range. The recent plunge in temperatures, however, have sent me looking for warmer gear, and I am glad that the Galvin Green Dash Pullover is in the closet.

The Galvin Green Dash is a quarter zip pullover with a trim, “European” fit. The Dash is not, however, tight. The base soft Insula fabric has plenty of give, and the various panels are cut and assembled in such a way that I could almost forget that I wasn’t playing in short sleeves. Additional warming via strategically placed Primaloft padding increases the warmth.

On two rounds with temperatures in the lower 40s (F), I found that the Dash over a regular golf polo was all I needed to stay warm. Both days were windy, and the Galvin Green Dash kept out the breezes as well.

Galvin Green Dash Pullover Review
Setup while sporting the Galvin Green Dash Insula pullover.

The Insula fabric on the Galvin Green Dash is designed to capture air inside the fabric. The air is warmed by body heat, creating a barrier between the body and outside temperatures. This is the principle followed in most cold weather gear. My old-school goose-down camping jacket, for example, works exactly the same way. (although when wet, it loses its ability to trap air and thus its warmth). Newer fillers such as Primaloft and Thinsulate work like down, but are water resistant. Layering also works by trapping air between the layers to create warm zones. Three thin layers often is more warm than a single heavy jacket.

Galvin Green Dash Insula Pullover Review
Galvin Green Dash Insula Pullover. Click to embiggen.

Older insulating gear, and layering, however, tend to be bulky and not at all suitable for golf. The Insula fabric from Galvin Green manages to trap a lot of air in relation to its thickness and flexibility.

At the same time, the Insula is breathable, allowing moisture to transport outward. Sweat trapped on the skin, or soaked into fabric can quickly cause you to lose body heat. Even on cold days, walking a round of golf will generate quite a bit of perspiration. Wet and cold are a good recipe for hypothermia — something I don’t want to experience any more than heat stroke. Either can be a death sentence.

For all its warmth, moisture management and wind-stopping capabilities, the Galvin Green Dash still manages to stay true to its function as a piece of golf apparel. It moves easily with the swing, and I never thought about it once it was on. That’s high praise. Golf apparel is not something a golfer should think about on the course. If you’re thinking too tight; too loose; too cold; too warm, your focus is not on the ball and the hole.

My only negative thought is that I wish the Galvin Green Dash had hand pockets. But that probably would take away from its trim look.

The Galvin Green Insula Dash has earned a permanent spot in my cold weather golf go-bag.

Highly Recommended.

The Galvin Green Dash Pullover review was first published November 14, 2017.


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