Galway Bay All Weather Apparel Review

The GolfBlogger Testing Galway Bay All Weather Apparel. On the second tee at Washtenaw Golf Club.

Galway Bay All Weather Apparel Review

Galway Bay All Weather Apparel
Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: Waterproof and Comfortable

There is an old saying in the Boy Scouts: There is no such thing as bad weather. There are only bad clothing choices.

Galway Bay All Weather Apparel is a GOOD clothing choice for bad weather golf. It is watertight while still being breathable and comfortable to wear.

Water just beads up and rolls off the Galway Bay All Weather Apparel.

For this review, Galway Bay sent one of their All Weather Jackets and All Weather Unlined Pants in Old Glory Blue. Galway Bay also has a lined version of the pants for cooler bad weather.

As a measure of just how dedicated The GolfBlogger is to his craft, I deliberately went out to Washtenaw Golf Club to play a round in the rain to test this all weather apparel.

Although I set out to walk just nine, I was so comfortable I ended up playing all eighteen. The rainy morning turned into a sunny and muggy afternoon, and the Galway Bay All Weather Apparel excelled in both conditions.

Earlier in the year, I tested the Galway Bay All Weather apparel on several four-mile walks around the neighborhood in freezing rain when Michigan was under a no-golf COVID lockdown. I’m sure the neighbors thought I was crazy, but I was perfectly comfortable in the Galway Bay gear.

Sealed seams on the Galway Bay All Weather Apparel

The Galway Bay apparel features:

  • Proprietary Hydro-Flex 32 fabric that blocks wind and rain
  • Fabric breathes to release excess body heat and sweat
  • Lightweight
  • Soft, quiet fabric
  • Waterproof sealed seams
  • Waterproof zippers

With the waterproof fabric and sealed seams, I was perfectly dry on my wet walks, and on my rainy round. Just as importantly, the fabric breathes enough that I did not get wet on the inside from perspiration.

That last is a critical piece in rain gear. It does no good to repel water on the outside if you are building up moisture on the inside.

It is not enough, however, for golf rain gear to keep a player dry. Good golf rain apparel also must allow freedom for the swing. Galway Bay’s All Weather Apparel is obviously designed by dedicated golfers because I felt no constraints on my swing whatsoever. There’s plenty of room across the shoulders to allow a good turn and follow-through. The sleeves have velcro tabs to keep them from flopping around. The bottom of the jacket has an elastic draw string to keep it in place.

The GolfBlogger In Galway Bay All Weather Apparel.

What’s interesting about the Galway Bay All Weather Pants is that they are not the usual pull-over-your-existing trousers design. Rather, the Galway Bay All Weather Pants are meant to be worn by themselves. If bad weather is in the forecast for a day of golf, you simply wear these to the course. If the wind and rain show up you are set. If it holds off, the all weather pants are sufficiently light and breathable that you won’t be uncomfortable.

The fit of the pants is excellent. There is sufficient give in them to allow for weight shirts and turns. I do not feel, however, as though they are too baggy.

For colder weather I would be interested in finding out how Galway Bay’s lined pants feel.

Ultimately, I am really happy to have the Galway Bay gear in my closet. It is a point of pride for me that — as of this date — I have played at least one round of golf in Michigan in each of the last 63 months. That means that I have played in a lot of bad weather. As I intend to continue the streak for the next five years, with this Galway Bay All Weather Apparel, I can play having the option to make some GOOD clothing choices.

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